Integrating a new member to the Leadership Team

It’s the responsibility of the Integrator to bring new leadership team members up to speed, integrating them with the team.

Here’s the fastest way to bring them up to speed:eos-model

  1. Review the 6 Key Components of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS)
  2. Review the 5 Foundational Tools in a one-on-one meeting
    • Vision Traction Organizer (V/TO) – review all 8 sections (including core value speech)
    • Accountability Chart – explain how this was developed (Structure 1st, People 2nd) and how it is used going forward
    • Rocks – review company and individual rocks (set rocks in the next session)
    • Level 10 Meeting – have the new memeber engaged in level 10 meetings and teach them to IDS issues
    • Scorecard – review your scorecard.  Emphasize the importance of having 5-10 activity based numbers / leading indicators, which give the team a true pulse on the business.
  3. Read the book Traction or Get a Grip, by Gino Wickman
  4. Review relevant procedures in your Leadership Manual (if it has been documented)