Conversation Catalyzer Assessment

Learn your communication style in under 60 seconds!

This style identification exercise is not meant to replace our Results Guaranteed workshop which goes into much greater detail, but you will get an accurate picture of your own Communication Style using this assessment.

When you are at your best, are you generally more formal or informal?
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When you are at your best, are you generally more dominant or easy-going?
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The difference in people’s communication style creates unintended misunderstandings, leading to unresolved conflict and compromised performance. This high impact, interactive workshop gives you practical, simple solutions you can use immediately with ease.

We are moving faster and exchanging more information than ever before, and the differences in people’s communication styles make misunderstandings common. This leads to unresolved conflict and compromised achievement- costing time and money. Communication is key!

“It was definitely a ‘light bulb-going-on-above-my-head’ experience.”  -Angela Ryan, Comsys