Getting Things Done

Learn all the tools you need to immediately be more effective.

Have you ever noticed that a hand-full of people in the office seem to get a volume of work done, and you never see them sweat? What are the secrets of these highly productive people and how can we learn the techniques that turn overwhelm into well-being? Mental chaos into a steady flow of productive actions? Learn how to take back control of your life and career, get organized and get it all done.

In this talk you’ll learn how to plan your day by focusing on top priorities and doing what matters most first. Doing this allows you to start every day with success and become more effective with your time. Learn how to align your priorities and what you focus on to reduce stress and increase joy.

Eliminate Distraction

Do you lose sight of your priorities as the day goes on? Take the Distraction Survey to determine how well you manage distraction and where you can improve.

Distraction Survey

A great deal of practical, useful information in a short period of time. Sue’s enthusiasm is contagious. I enjoyed the session and learned a ton.
-Jennifer Ziedler