Managing, Leading, & Coaching

As a leader, it’s critical to focus on what’s most imperative to success and fulfillment. Unfortunately, by ourselves, we can rarely see what’s holding us back or getting in the way.

In this program you’ll learn to discover where you and your organization are limited and what you can do about it. Sue has invested thousands in a conclusive research project targeting specific areas where most managers and leaders miss the mark, and will demonstrate specifically where you can improve working on the “people side” of your business.

You’ll learn:

  • The 14 skills a leader and manager must cultivate in order to succeed
  • The greatest contributor to your rising healthcare costs
  • Where 90% of a manager’s time is wasted
  • The most undervalued component in business today
  • The top 3 reasons careers are derailed
  • How to define coaching’s role in business and what kind of coaching fits your needs

This program explores some of the greatest concerns for Managers and Leaders today.