Conducting Crucial Conversations

How do you learn to successfully handle difficult or uncomfortable conversations?

This half-day workshop will support you in learning how to think about, prepare for and ensure the listener is ready to have these conversations with you.

Building upon your learning from the Results Guaranteed program, or as a stand alone, mastering Crucial Conversations will help you gain a level of comfort in having these challenging conversations, while demonstrating the positive effects once you’ve learned how to deliver this type of communication well.

Learn how to:

– Set the stage for the conversation

– Communicate in a way so that your colleague can hear you

– Structure the conversation with examples, common ground and shared goals

– Follow up to ensure results


The other owners and I truly appreciate everything you did for Bay West to improve on our culture, accountability and overall success of the organization. You were a big part of growing our organization into who we are today. – Gene Kuppenbender, Bay West