Entrepreneurial Quiz

I am a great starter, yet don’t follow through
I am comfortable with high risk & ambiguity
I am driven and ambitious
I am fueled by challenge, competitive, and strong- willed
I don’t easily accept no as an answer
I see problems as opportunities and am creative and resourceful when faced with challenges
I am extraordinarily optimistic
I set ambitious goals
I have grit, tenacity and a willingness get it done
I deliver excellence, good is never good enough
I am impatient and get bored easily
I make decisions and act upon them quickly
I lack balance and often make personal sacrifices
I appear confident to others even when I’m not
I am driven to make the world a better place
I rarely avoid conflict
I am unwavering in my commitment to achieving the goal
I am intuitive and perceptive, I trust my gut
I have 2,000 ideas a day
I am a rule breaker, I make the rules I need to accomplish what I want
I am a change agent, I need to innovate
I say yes and then figure out how
I’m driven by philanthropy
I get distracted easily
When something really matters to me, I am obsessive about it
I am charismatic, passionate, inspiring and persuasive; I have great people skills
I am independent
I am courageous and willing to deal with tough situations when others don’t
I often run late and do “one last thing” when I don’t have time
I will succeed against insurmountable odds that would paralyze others
I’ve often been told I’m intimidating
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