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Look at the difference a simple practice from Sue Hawkes’ Chasing Perfection has made with one user for almost a year now and how others are being helped by sharing the movement… pass it along!

Life-Changing Resources – Thank You!

 Sue, thanks so very much for the forms for Reflecting On This Week and Preparing For The Coming Week!! I have been using them since April 14, 2019. I daily review the current sheet for the week and have been very satisfied with how much progress I am able to make accomplishing my daily objectives and long term goals. I am also able to tie up loose ends. The forms happily keep me focused and I seem to be more aware of my feelings as well. I have been sharing the forms with other family members and friends.
– Teresa Diffley, artist (69 years old)

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Inspiration is “full circle”. It’s an amazing thing to realize you’ve made a difference and were unaware! In fact, one of the best experiences I can think of is when a dear friend Marisa Smith, sent me a video of her daughter, Charlotte singing an original song she wrote. Keep rising up my friends, you are the embodiment of Unf💗<kwithable.



Your book and journal are 1,000% more impressive than I expected (and you know I always expect brilliance from you)! Maybe I have been missing your message about it. It is truly extraordinary and outstanding. Shout about this from the rooftops!
Mindy Goodfriend, President of Cool & Useful Products LLC, WPO Chair of Chapters 1 & 2 in NY, Platinum WPO group

I was half way through your book and was already totally blown away! Your light shines brighter than ever. We are all privileged to watch you shine.
Tom Murphy CEO, CARDSource

“Chasing Perfection” is powerful and transformational in its ability to make you rethink how you are going about your life and work. Chapters such as “balance is BS” and “imposter syndrome” had me doing some honest self-reflection, considering what behavioral patterns and thought processes were really not serving me. This book left me feeling calm, confident, and empowered.
Kelli Moretter-Bue, CPA – Controller MWCX Real Estate

Being a 6th generation entrepreneur and CEO of my own company, Evolve Systems, it is rare to see absolute authenticity come through in a book. Reading Chasing Perfection was a game-changer for me and helped minimize my own self-doubt and call out Imposter Syndrome for what it is, a thief and a liar that subtracts from maximizing success.
There is something for everyone in this book, I have purchased and gifted multiple copies of it to women I mentor because it has a chapter dedicated for whatever is needed to boost confidence, provide a gift of inspiration and remind you that your journey is special, you got this, and you can be an excellent leader through challenging situations.

Marnie Ochs-Raleigh, CEO Evolve Systems

I truly appreciated your book. Your stories, tips and openness were great to have in one place.
Loved all the stories about women leaders. Each one was uniquely different and many were very relatable. I especially loved that you had a list of all of them and their titles and companies at the end.
Truly appreciated your When Catastrophe Happens and the section about “When You Know Someone……” The timing was perfect as a friend of ours passed away from pancreatic cancer just last week.
Thanks for writing this book – you will help and inspire many female leaders!

Cathy Harms, Instructor – Marketing and Organizational Behavior, Gustavus Adolphus College