February 2, 2024 9:51 am Published by

What sets up a winning day? 

Arguably, most people have a morning routine. Does it serve what you need it to? Are you setting yourself up for success or have you fallen into a habitual series of actions that deter from your best day? 

Three questions to consider for an effective day: 

  1. For example, do you begin with any kind of meditation, inspirational reading, clarity, or focus-gaining opportunity? 

  1. Do you exercise early in the day? For some, this is a game changer for attitude, clarity, focus, and energy. 

  1. Do you sit quietly, thinking about and documenting your commitments and priorities for the day? If so, do you document the top 1-2 priorities that MUST happen for your day to be a success? 

If you begin your day hitting snooze with recurrence, looking at a device or screen, or doing nothing to condition your mind for your own success, chances are you’ll be less effective than you could be. In fact, you’ll be on someone else’s agenda, not your own.  

Is it time for a change?