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Don’t Trap Yourself #1195 

Published on September 22, 2023 Written by

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.  Life has a way of putting us in situations where we’re not sure if we should pursue our dreams or let our doubt hold us back.   But here’s the thing: doubt can be worse than failing. When you doubt yourself, you stop yourself from even trying, and… View Article

Hitting the Ceiling #1194  

Published on September 21, 2023 Written by

Do you ever feel like you’re underwater, constantly behind, and like the balls you’re juggling are just a second away from dropping? Congratulations, you’ve hit the ceiling.   Hitting the ceiling is something every successful leader, team, and business goes through, and it’s worth celebrating because it means you’re growing into your next iteration. During this… View Article

The Biggest Lie Leaders Tell Themselves #1193 

Published on September 20, 2023 Written by

It’s better to have an open seat than to keep the wrong person in the seat.  Too many leaders talk themselves into keeping a person who’s doing okay, performing adequately, not performing, or struggling in the seat under the premise that “it’s better than going without someone” or “we have to have someone.”  This is… View Article

Transition Time #1192 

Published on September 19, 2023 Written by

The change of seasons is always a pacing transition and reset time for me. Mother Nature and many of us are connected that way! As we enjoy(?) the first cooler days of fall in Minnesota, I’ve found myself getting the urge to clean out my closet and put away the summer clothing I’ve enjoyed to… View Article

You Need Space #1191 

Published on September 18, 2023 Written by

Most of us are juggling priorities every day, with multiple meetings, emails, and countless deadlines all vying for our attention. It’s an endless loop with our brains going in a million different directions. But creativity and intuition don’t thrive in that flurry. They need space to come to the table.   I like to say that… View Article

Talent that Fits #1190  

Published on September 15, 2023 Written by

Finding the right talent seems more challenging than ever. As a leader, you understand that hiring someone who is a core values culture fit is critical, but you also need the position filled… yesterday! I’m here to tell you that waiting for the right fit is worth it.  Sometimes, your high standards make it feel harder…. View Article

A Beginner’s Mindset #1189 

Published on September 14, 2023 Written by

Recently Ali and I were having a conversation about the new skills she’s learning now that she is fully in our marketing seat at YESS!. As we discussed upcoming projects and goals, she shared that she feels like she’s failing and nothing is working.   I was surprised, as I’m proud of the work she is… View Article

Why Not You? #1188 

Published on September 13, 2023 Written by

“Why not you?”   This is a question I ask when self-doubt shows up in the conversation, whether it’s to myself, my children, or the leaders I work with.   It’s a simple question, yet it usually reveals the doubt that is living like a bad roommate in our heads.   Whatever stories, reasons, or excuses we have… View Article

Your Leadership Legacy #1187 

Published on September 12, 2023 Written by

Great leadership is not just about the people you directly impact, it’s also about how the people you directly impact are impacting others. Said another way, you’re not a leader until you produce a leader who produces a leader. If it isn’t two generations beyond you, it’s really not leadership, it’s influence. As Jim Collins… View Article

Philanthropy Now #1186 

Published on September 11, 2023 Written by

If you know me at all, you know that giving back is core to all I do. I’ve always wanted to make a difference and knew at a young age that I wanted to be philanthropic when I grew up.   What I didn’t realize was that it wasn’t a destination to reach; I could give… View Article


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