January 1, 2020 10:00 am Published by

What Will You Do Today? #228

Happy New Year! Is it a time of resolutions, new beginnings, possibility and the frenzy of getting back to work after the holiday break? Or is it something else.

For me, there were several years the New Year was a time of grieving, somber moments and reflection. It was a time of Winter inside and out for me. It was challenging and difficult. It didn’t bring hope, it was fraught with despair. Thankfully, that time has passed and moments of grief ebb and flow into life as it’s evolved.

We assign this time of year as a particular kind of “starting line” as if we can shake the giant Etch-a-Sketch of our lives and begin with a clean slate. It’s no truer on January first than it is any other day, there’s simply some social agreement we’ve created around it.

Regardless, what will you do today? Begin anew or carry on? It’s a question worth asking until life is aligned with your greatest aspirations. What are you waiting for?

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