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Well Beyond Superficial #230

Sometimes, you meet someone and there’s an instant connection. One you can’t explain fully, it’s deep and vulnerable and moves to a place that usually takes time and years of experiences to emerge into.

I was going to pick up a gift for my husband Kevin and it happened. The acquaintance I’d only known superficially was the person I was picking up the gift from. Within minutes, we were in a deep conversation about love, loss, and divorce. We were both moved to tears. It wasn’t awkward, it was comfortable – even if we’d only been talking for 15 minutes.

After 30 minutes we ended our conversation. Both of us were uplifted and strangely and wonderfully connected. We said goodbye knowing something magical happened within our exchange. As I left I was thinking I wanted to stop and text a thank you for the gift and connection, and before I could back out of the driveway, he returned to the car, I rolled down the window and he put his hand on my shoulder sincerely thanking me for truly uplifting his spirits. I told him we were supposed to meet, and it was beneficial for us both.

It was an ordinary day otherwise, yet I drove home in a profound state of gratitude. Some experiences go beyond explanation, they are in fact, divine.

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