August 31, 2020 7:00 am Published by

An unenforced rule is not a rule; it’s a suggestion. Keith Cunningham 

If you’re a leader who desires to create a thriving culture, you must enforce consequences. With growth, we need more structure, and structure creates freedom.  

That’s right, when you know what the rules are, you can play the game. If you think you’re playing basketball, you’ll wear a certain uniform. Step onto a football field in that uniform and you’ll get tackled and possibly damaged.  

When a leader is unclear, wishy-washy, or lacks the courage to have the challenging, direct and boundary enforcing conversations necessary, culture will always suffer.  

The reason you hesitate to have those conversations is that you don’t care enough. If you did, you’d say what needs to be said. Nothing can change until the unsaid is spoken.