February 18, 2020 7:00 am Published by

If you read yesterday’s blog, this one will connect well. I heard a statistic on the radio right after the Super Bowl: 22 of 54 Super Bowls have been won by four teams. That’s right! Almost half of the games have been won by the same four teams.

The most winning teams are:

  • Patriots – Won 6 of 11
  • Steelers – Won 6 of 8
  • 49ers – Won 5 of 7
  • Cowboys – Won 5 of 8

This stat grabbed my attention. In Minnesota, we hold a different record with one other team, the Buffalo Bills. We both have attended the Super Bowl and have never won. What stands out for me resonates in business as well, great teams are made, not born.

On any given Sunday, the talent on the field is comparable. Crazy amounts of money are being wagered on who will win based on all kinds of calculations. Upsets happen. They are professional athletes tasked with uniting their talents as one.

Somehow, four teams have managed to crack the code on this more often than all the other teams. It can’t just be the coach or the players; they change over time. What have they figured out which transcends their egos and individual talent?

To unite as a team and put the greater good of the whole before the self is the secret ingredient. It is truly simple; rare and simple, yet not easy. What’s your reason? What’s stopping you? How can you catalyze those you live and work with to unite as one?