February 21, 2022 5:35 am Published by

What if… 

What if some of us are the trail blazers; willing to forge a path, push forward when it’s hard, and willing to see a course where there is none? Unwilling to bend or conform, strong, diplomatic enough to build bridges where there were walls, yet tough enough to make a door if the wall remains. We see possibilities and opportunities in problems and take it personally when the world isn’t working for others. We GSD. No. Matter. What. 

What if some of us are game changers; willing to follow the path and ensure sustainable change happens, paving the way so the path can be widened and traveled by many, also unwilling to conform, strong, collaborative, and persistent enough to influence others to trust the promise of an unknown future, while holding the door open even when it’s trying to close? We see the promise and hope in the light of the open door while catalyzing the masses to move. We GSD. No. Matter. What. 

You can do both.  

You don’t have to.  

You can blaze trails and change games. Our world needs leaders willing to do both.