August 18, 2020 7:00 am Published by

We had some extreme storms recently. It was an extensive light show lasting throughout the night with some of the storms producing hail. There was minimal damage where we were, others weren’t as fortunate.

Prior to the storms, the humidity and dew point were extreme. In Minnesota, this means you walk outside and feel like you could cut the air with a knife. It is oppressive. It’s my least favorite weather, and I find myself praying for rain. Anything to make the stagnant, heavy air disappear.

In the same way, this year I’ve found myself reaching a point where I feel “maxed” in all ways. Too many deadlines, too much Zoom, too much work, too many projects around the house, feeling like I can’t take any time off, missing family and friends, all while feeling trapped in my home.  

Before I reach the tipping point where I’ll storm and hail all over those around me, I’ve found a pressure valve in making the time to prioritize myself and my needs. No collateral damage so far in 2020!

Exercise, a pontoon ride, walking the dog, sitting near the water, getting my thoughts on paper and prioritizing them all help me gain perspective and release the heat – so to speak.

Waiting until you “need” a break or a vacation or time for yourself is never a good approach.

What are the warning signs that you’re too tunneled into your work?

How do you know when enough’s enough?

What or who lets you know it’s time to evaluate and reprioritize?

Pay attention. The storm is coming, and it might cause damage otherwise.