June 20, 2023 5:04 am Published by

In a world filled with uncertainty, it’s remarkable how people often handle bad news with greater resilience. While bad news delivers a direct blow, it also provides clarity and a path forward.  

Uncertainty, on the other hand, wraps us in a web of unease, breeding anxiety and sleepless nights.  

Bad news, although painful, invites us to confront reality head-on, fostering growth and adaptation. It allows us to grieve, learn, and eventually rebuild.  

Uncertainty gnaws at our psyche, often leaving us powerless and hesitant.  

As I learned in a recent crisis communication training led by experts Mower and CEO Stephanie Crockett (it was soooooo good), it’s best to embrace bad news and be candid when sharing it – knowing people deal with bad news better than uncertainty.