November 19, 2021 5:13 am Published by

Time, it’s a non-renewable source. How do you respect, appreciate, and honor it? 

One of the lessons I learned early in life was to appreciate when meetings didn’t happen, things changed, or scheduled events cancelled. They all afford the gift of time. 

Often, especially when overscheduled, we wish for space in our overcrowded days. When something happens and what was scheduled disappears, how can you turn that into an opportunity rather than an irritation? 

I have a friend who was perpetually late. Another friend sat him down and said “I love spending time with you, but it’s not working this way. I’ll wait 15 minutes from our agreed upon time and if you’re not here, I’m leaving with no hurt feelings or irritation.” When I heard this story from the late person, they said they’ve never missed a meeting since that day. The grace of stating what wasn’t working and the loss of connection was enough. I learned too; I stopped being mad and communicated.  

I also appreciate the gift of time when things happen and it’s not a patterned behavior. We have a finite resource with time. How do you use it fully and intentionally? What needs to change and be celebrated? 

Day 15: Look at your calendar. Consider the week. Is there space? Are any of your activities just for you, solely because you enjoy them? If not, look ahead and make some time for you. It’s time to slow down, be intentional, and appreciate the gift of time. You have 168 hours in a week, are you using them intentionally? (If not, change it up and connect with us – we’ve got a program for you! 😊)