February 9, 2022 5:11 am Published by

Sometimes I can’t sleep. 

Thankfully it’s infrequent enough I’ve been able to manage well around it. In fact, some of my most productive days have begun at 3 or 4 am. 

What’s clarified in the middle of the night when all is still, is a different connection to the world beyond for me. I feel connected to those important souls who are no longer on the physical Earth with me. 

In fact, when I wake up, it’s often because of some great clarity or a perturbing thought. It seems the extremes are both available as my brain races ahead.  

I can be incredibly at peace (like today) with a certainty of self I don’t always have, reminding me of the work I have to do on realigning my time, energy and purpose to what is most important. The opportunity to let go of misconceptions of myself and my world that limit me in any way. 

When I wake up this way, my day begins with a clarity and focus I crave, alone in the stillness yet full of creativity and connection to something bigger, something beyond my daily life.  

It affirms my purpose and expands what’s possible. 

Perhaps deep within, I’m fully rested, and my stillness allowed the doorway to what’s possible to open?