November 28, 2023 5:41 am Published by

In the face of pressing circumstances and tight deadlines, it’s easy to mistake urgency for desperation. In fact, they are quite different. One emotion comes from abundance, the other from scarcity.  

Urgency, coming from abundance, fosters innovation, sparks disruption, and champions intentional immediacy. It acts as a catalyst, propelling you forward with a sense of purpose, and mobilizing people towards common goals.  

On the contrary, desperation, coming from scarcity, generates pressure, emanates neediness, and embodies lack. It’s a force that can paralyze, driving people away with its self-centered demands. 

While both urgency and desperation may give the illusion of productivity, they run on different wavelengths—one generative, the other destructive. Ask yourself: when the heat is on and the pressure builds, which do you find yourself aligning with? The forward-thinking and purposeful urgency, or the paralyzing and self-repelling desperation?  

It’s a choice that will define your approach – and results – in moments of intensity.