June 19, 2023 5:39 am Published by

In my line of work, I have full days spent uplifting those around me. I enjoy it immensely. Creating a safe space for people to say and feel what’s real for them is a gift. Occasionally, when there is too much on my plate coupled with my own insecurities and challenges, it can feel like an overflowing cup, where there’s not enough space for my thoughts and feelings.  

I can feel alone, isolated with those disempowering thoughts, feeling like those around me are oblivious to what’s going on for me. Though I believe I communicate well, it’s at these moments I wonder whether that’s true. It feels like everyone close to me needs support as well, and there’s nowhere to be heard. 

I’ve come to realize the importance of replenishing myself when I reach these moments, though I still feel like a beginner when it comes to maintaining the practices that prevent the overflow of thoughts and feelings. 

I still struggle with the fact that I, too, need support. Logically, I am aware it’s not weakness to admit I need help; it’s acknowledging my humanity. 

I am recognizing that I, too, have limits and vulnerabilities that require nurturing. It is through this acknowledgment that I can truly show up for others, not as an empty vessel, but as a person who understands the delicate balance of giving and receiving. By honoring my own needs, I become a stronger, more compassionate version of myself, capable of offering genuine support. 

Let the learning begin.