April 7, 2023 5:17 am Published by

When considering communication, how do you get the results you intend with the least waste? All too often, people waste time going back and forth when they could slow down a little, consider a few things and save time, energy, frustration, and money doing better preparation. 

To eliminate the wasted time, energy, frustration, and money spent with ineffective communication, you must prepare and consider a few things to get what you want:  

  • How important is this communication? 

  • This helps prioritize how much time and thought you put into preparation. 

  • What’s the purpose of my communication?  

  • Why are you writing, calling, texting, meeting? 
  • What outcome are you seeking / what’s your objective? 

  • Who am I talking to?  

  • What do I know about them, their preferences, schedule, and needs? 

  • What approach will simplify each of us getting what we need most effectively? (Said differently, how do I get the results in the least time?) 

  • What approach will work best for them? 

  • Yes, it’s important you do what works for you as well, but when you approach people in their preferred method, it offers a better chance for a prompt response. 
  • They’ll look forward to communication and prioritize you over others who reach them in other ways. 
  • You’ll be eliminating waste for them as well – we all procrastinate what we don’t want to do (this is why I eliminated email) 

  • Do they prefer meeting, voice, email, or text? (Hint: pay attention to how they initiate communication and you’ll learn a lot – match their method and style and you’ll rise in priority – you’re not wasting their time 

  • Based on the purpose of the meeting, you may opt for a different method to record detail, watch body language, or refer back to – it’s not always on our terms! 

How valuable is your time? Is there money, capacity, and freedom on the other side of getting what you want with your communication?  

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.  

Consider this before you hit send again…especially if no one is responding.