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Space To Be #178

Recently, I was leading a retreat at an all-inclusive location. It was amazing, and because everything was taken care of,  it left us all to do one thing – take care of ourselves.

For most leaders, that is a foreign experience.

Simple things like sleep, the healthy foods which were abundantly provided, the non-digital environment which encouraged presence, learning, and self-reflection coupled with a landscape that was peaceful and still left me with space to be. That’s it, space to just be. When all the things to “do” are taken care of, it’s just you with you. What a gift.

My observations? Our group was present, focused, open, accepting and generous. Generosity took the form of listening, kindness and care with communication and solutions. The connection was palpable and once we removed the distractions, we could access ourselves and each other gracefully. There was no veneer to permeate. We were available in the purest ways.

Simple things were rich in learning and we took advantage of it all. The challenge is how to construct our world outside of this location with space to be. It’s possible, it’s not convenient or easy with the pace of leadership. Observing and removing everything between you and your definition of greatness takes intention. How can you set up your world and your surroundings to do so?

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