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From ChatPack: If you had to choose one scent to be carried lightly on the wind every time the wind blew, what scent would it be?

Sometimes, I need a question to get my thinking started. When I first read this, I thought, “I don’t really love many smells if they are manufactured, because they trigger headaches for me.” Then, my mind moved quickly to the smells which inspire me.

What came to mind was fresh bread or cinnamon rolls, the smell of a baby as you hold them, lilacs in the spring, chocolate chip cookies, and my husband’s hair (from Aveda products) when he’s close to me.

Those smells are divine for me, and more importantly, they are evocative. They stimulate my senses in a way that I am fully present and grateful for the experiences they create.

What causes you to be fully present? What inspires you to be here now?

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