April 20, 2022 5:24 am Published by

As a Minnesotan, I appreciate the seasonal changes that come with changing weather.  

In the Winter, I find myself more focused on work with intermittent trips to warm weather to thaw my thinking and remind me of what’s ahead. I enjoy the focus I have on being productive and ending my days cozy and warm nestled in our home. 

The emerging tastes of warmer weather in March and early April ignite an energy of hope and ambition in my mind, body, and emotions. 

In a very visceral way, I am energized to get outside, as if the vitamin D fuels more ambition and activity. I want to be outside, be social, and connect with friends and family as if emerging from hibernation. My focus shifts to my health and engagement, offering energy and momentum to move. 

I feel more vibrant as I’m active and engaged, enjoying the wealth of energy that begets energy. 

I’m present to the change and as I embrace it, I am aware it’s time for a shift in my practices to maintain my appreciation and momentum. 

More to come.