July 17, 2023 6:19 am Published by

Me again, the itch is back. Thanks for reading along. 

We’re going to post this on our social channels as well, so thanks for being our first and favorite focus group, your opinion matters, and I am listening. In fact, it’s why I’m still blogging. 

In fact, that’s why I’m asking you again about this itch…it’s about what’s next in our content and evolution. I have another question for those of you willing to comment and play along. 

In the scope of our work, the recurring themes around work and life integration, connection, and efficiencies keep coming up. So much so, I’m thinking we need to do more. 

When I’m leading work, whether round tables, sessions, workshops, or keynotes, I often have “hacks” for efficiency and managing work and life to your own interpretation of success (I hate to use the word balance). So much so that colleagues, clients, friends, and audiences have asked me to keep sharing. 

This is where you come in. Please weigh in and DM me or reply, (whichever is easier for you) to this: 

Would you follow and share resources such as books, videos, online articles, podcasts, or courses, to implement techniques that genuinely help you simplify what you’re already doing?  

This would include a continuous flow of “hacks” to optimize various aspects of business, leadership, and life, including travel, home, self-care, routines, exercise, shopping, cooking, etc… resulting in more time for you. 

I’d truly appreciate a simple YESS! or no response if you have ten seconds to do so. I’ll consider a “like” a YESS! 

Thank YOU!