February 9, 2024 5:25 am Published by

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed, thinking “I just can’t do it all,” I have a way to reframe that thinking. It’s become a muscle I’ve exercised enough to move through these moments and quit wasting time. Yes, overwhelm is a waste of time – I am the one who overcommitted, and I am the one who needs to be in action about changing the thinking and results associated with it. 

Nothing productive comes from overwhelm. The sooner you interrupt your thinking, the feelings will subside. Start by asking yourself the following: 

  1. How can/will I succeed? 

  1. Can my list be done in my allotted time? Who can help?  

  1. Are these real deadlines? (I ask this one because as someone who is self-employed, I often set the deadlines, and they are made up! I make my own pressure and am surprised when I reevaluate and realize I don’t need to make myself crazy about some things.) 

  1. What can I let go of? 

  1. What could be outsourced, automated, eliminated, or simplified?