September 9, 2022 5:25 am Published by

Time to think.  

Henry Ford said, “thinking is the hardest work you’ll ever do, that’s why so few people do it.”  

For years, I worked hard to justify time spent doing little to nothing. It felt like a waste. After all, I’m a productive, doer. How could I spend time doing nothing if I hadn’t earned it? 

This is a confession of a real private conversation I’ve had with myself more times than I care to admit.  

These days, I’m finding greater joy in space and time to think. 

Today I have a three-hour layover between flights and while I’m writing, I’m realizing I’ve used my plane time for fun, rest and reading. My friend Nancy Geenen referred to travel as “spa” time. It used to be a source of envy to imagine that mindset. 

Today, I’m embracing it. It’s worth it. 

In fact, my thinking is better, clearer, and more inspired because of the space. The more I make time to think, the better it is.  

The productivity conversation is still there, it’s quite a bit quieter these days.  

It’s being replaced with creativity.