April 20, 2023 5:25 am Published by

Abundance is an inside job. 

You can seek to change all the deck chairs on the Titanic, but the ship is still going down. 

How do you do the work to center yourself, know yourself, and set up your life to feed the best of who you are on a daily basis? 

It’s not about your job, relationships, financial status, material wealth, or anything else. 

When you come from a joyous place, the world aligns itself with your compass. 

If you want a different experience, offer it and watch the world align itself to you. 

Approaching it from the outside is futile.  

Looking to the external to “make you happy (or successful, fulfilled, or anything else…)” is an endless trap of never enough.  

Scarcity begets scarcity. 

Learning to be joyous, fulfilled, and abundant as you are is the source of a life well-lived. 

What if nothing changed?  

Would you be happy, fulfilled, and joyous?