November 23, 2022 5:35 am Published by

This week is one I cherish. Our kids come to the house to decorate for the holidays, we launch the holiday tunes and finish with a great meal and some games.  

As a chosen family, it means we’ve created our own traditions. One of which is cherishing time together and focusing on experiences, not material things. We’re aligned around doing things together, and one of the best gifts they give us is the daily appreciation of our surroundings.  

The kids all take part, work as a team and within a few hours, our home is transformed into a beautiful holiday haven. We enjoy it every day waking up to the cheerful décor, knowing they added the love that made old decorations come alive again. 

When they said, “many hands make light work,” they weren’t kidding. A few hours with this fabulous team and we then offer a meal and beverages as payment for time well spent. Our last effort is to draw names for our Secret Santa gift ($25 or so) for one other person. We keep it simple and fun. 

Once we finish the day with a game or two, we’ve kicked off the holidays in the most wonderful way; together. 

Now we’re off to cook and prepare for our family tomorrow on this favorite of holidays for me. More experiences and good food, family, football, fun and festivities. 

Memories matter.