June 26, 2024 10:59 am Published by

How much time do you need

What if you began every endeavor with this question? Without knowing the details or being able to assess what you believe is a reasonable amount of time, how would that change the amount of time you’d allow for certain activities? 

When I used to work with leadership teams, I asked this question before I told the group what the assignment was. I also offered the disclaimer that I wouldn’t set them up to fail.  

Many people are challenged with thinking like this. It interferes with our reasonableness and stories about reality. No one has ever created massive success from a reasonable mindset. Greatness comes from possibility and pushing what’s known – intentionally. 

In order to affect change, we must approach things with a new mindset. One that challenges what we believe is possible or has been historically.  

You will always use the amount of time you believe you need (and then some if you’re not vigilant about deadlines and promises) whether you need it or not. When you set a time limit, no more and no less, then work to be effective within that limit, often, you’ll succeed. The result? 

Time for those things you choose, life by design, and a more effective way to say “yes” and “no” to things aligning with your priorities. Imagine that…