September 1, 2023 5:07 am Published by

I think we’ve become a quick fix culture. Whether it’s weight loss, new habits, or challenges at work, we’ve become conditioned to want immediate change and results. Our propensity for convenience is killing the quality of work in many ways. 

I understand the impatience – I’m an entrepreneur and always want things completed as fast as possible. Yet real, lasting change takes time. It’s not like Amazon – the solutions don’t get overnighted to our doors.  

When navigating the nuanced and multilayered challenges we have as leaders, it’s important to take a step back, pause and assess. What are all the contributors of the current situation? How long might it take to move forward from it? How long does it take to change the behaviors that had it happen?  

I know these aren’t easy questions. The journey to having what we want won’t be either. To create lasting change, we need to move toward a new future and a new way of doing things. This requires building new habits, creating new practices, and thinking in new ways.  

Lasting quality won’t happen overnight.