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Feedback without context doesn’t work.

I was reminded this week as I moderated an incredible virtual keynote by @MichaelAllosso how important it is when giving positive feedback for it to be truthful, specific and positive (tsp) .  (Secret Weapons # 5,6,7 of his 35 to help you be you on your best day – learn more here: www.michaelallosso.com). The key word in that recipe is specific. Generic won’t get the same results specific will. Oh, and before you offer any corrective feedback, you need to offer 3 or more inputs of positive feedback.

How are you doing with those closest to you?

In the same way, when delivering corrective feedback, it needs to be grounded into action. In my sessions, teams learn that rating a meeting less than a 10 (on a scale of 1-10) offers an opportunity to practice giving meaningful feedback to improve future meetings. Assigning a number and offering the behaviors which need to improve from the participants offers the specific actions to take to learn, improve the meeting and grow together. Minus any suggested behavior change, it becomes criticism and you become a critic over time, which will demotivate high performers.

How do you offer specific, meaningful feedback?

It requires listening, thought and care as you offer your observations to others.

Try it, it’s just a teaspoon (tsp) to improve.