April 14, 2020 7:00 am Published by

We start every meeting with good news. This is a practice within EOS®, and it is a practice within every Zoom meeting I hold. It’s necessary now more than ever.

During these days of COVID-19, it’s been more challenging to find the good, the opportunities, the happiness and the joy for some people. And yet, we ask them to come up with something. Why? Because it sets the context and is a game-changing moment to celebrate. It’s a way to unite us in the good, the noteworthy, the inspiring, the humorous and the joyful occurrences in our lives. Some days, some moments it is more difficult to find something to share. And that’s okay too.

If it’s less obvious in any moment, take a breath, and stop what you’re doing. Don’t busy yourself to move past it. If you can’t articulate something good that’s happening to you personally and professionally, begin with gratitude.

Write down 10-12 things you are grateful for. Once you’re done, any one of those observances counts as good news. Repeat often and you’ll begin to see the good every day. It’s worth it.

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