October 13, 2023 5:25 am Published by

If you’ve worked with me or attended one of our communication workshops, you’ve heard me say that the meaning of your communication is the response that you get.  

What does this mean? It means the outcome of what happens when you speak is your responsibility. 

While leading our Unlocking Effective Communication workshop last week, we clarified this means it’s about impact, not intent. When sincere, this means you’ll reapproach someone until your communication lands with care – no matter what the topic is. 

The responsibility is on you to make sure your message lands – so is the opportunity to ensure the other person’s understanding. How can you pause to deliver the message specifically tailored to the person(s) in front of you? How can you alter your communication so they can best understand – the first time you say it? How can you have the grace to try again if you miscommunicate?  

Working through these questions and more during our workshop reminded me how much I enjoy teaching communication. Because at the end of the day, that’s where every relationship begins. Our work, sales, relationships – they all thrive or diminish based on how we communicate.  

So, begin by taking responsibility. Be intentional with your words and appreciate who is in front of you. If you’re ready to level up, we can help. Take our Communication Catalyzer online course and gain tools to move into another level of mastery with everyone around you.  

It’s the gamechanger you and your team need.