September 8, 2022 5:36 am Published by

“If you’re your own worst enemy, you don’t need any others.” Dan Sullivan 

When I consider the days I’ve ruminated on what I’ve done wrong, how I am wrong, what I could’ve or should’ve done, it’s a vast amount of time. Add to it the judgment of my body, hair, behavior, or anything else about my physical being, it’s a LOT of time. Wasted time. 

This quote struck me today.  

I’m better than I used to be and making great progress to learning to love myself fully. Some days, not that long ago, I couldn’t say that.  

Listening to my kids learn to accept themselves and their mistakes, learning and opportunities opens the door for me to continue my work. Fulfilled people don’t hurt anyone.  

If you look around and aren’t hearing acceptance, love, and kindness, be the source. 

It begins here.