March 23, 2022 5:25 am Published by

When the day starts gently, I welcome it with peace. 

Waking in warm weather, watching the hues change in the early morning from a cliff facing the ocean, appreciating the people in my world while greeting it all in silence lets me enter the day with grace. 

The sunshine works its way above the mountain behind me shifting the day tenderly through intense colors fading to pastels before they disappear. Hearing the birds as they fly, up high and soaring for their breakfast, the world carries on in its own dance, as it does when I’m not present to witness it. 

We all need this space. To calm our nerves, quiet our mental chatter and breathe into new spaces in the world. 

Shaking up your routine awakens the senses. Taking time to reset and renew. 

I needed a break, an interruption to my every day.  

Do you?