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My career has always been about becoming a keen observer. In all ways, coaching, facilitating, and training are about learning to engage your senses to read all of what’s occurring with the people in the room, not just the words shared. 

When done well, we help people gracefully work through the tough stuff. You know the conversations, the challenging discussions many people avoid. 

By avoiding these talks or diluting the messages, you actively contribute to the difficulties increasing their likelihood and severity. 

When you’re committed to improving the quality of your relationships, it takes intentional focus on improving how you communicate. Using the checklist below to help improve communication will result in better relationships overall. 

  • Do I listen more and talk less?  
  • Do I appear approachable and available?  
  • Do I refrain from interrupting or changing the subject?  
  • Do I make time for us to talk?  
  • Do I validate another’s feelings?  
  • Do I try to understand another’s point of view?  
  • Do I set consistent boundaries and limits?  
  • Do I uphold consequences / accountability? 
  • Do I follow through and keep my promises?  
  • Do I allow time for questions or feedback?  
  • Do I regularly give positive feedback?  
  • Do I communicate with respect?  
  • Do I avoid comparisons with others?  
  • Do I express my thoughts respectively?  
  • Do I make my needs and expectations clear?  
  • Do I compromise when appropriate?  
  • Do I admit and accept my own mistakes?  
  • Do I honestly communicate my feelings?  

Please share this blog if you find it helpful. The relationships you improve may be your own!