August 26, 2019 10:00 am Published by

In the Quiet Spaces #136

When you have the gift of time, with no schedule and nothing pressing you to get ready, what do you do? For me, my mind can race with possibilities. I feel an urgency to do the things that I’ve been procrastinating, to be active and exercise, to cook and hang art, change the décor of my house, read, write, paint or walk the dog.

I am present to the many things waiting for my attention. As I compartmentalize life on a daily basis, prioritizing what must get done over what I’d like to be doing, I subconsciously create a mental “to do” list that is waiting for the space to capture my attention. These are not the to do’s that make it to the list, they are a want to do list. They are different. I appreciate them differently, though in the quiet spaces, they consume the space readily and are no different than my must-do list.

As I gain awareness of this, I am enjoying vacation more. I am relaxing more easily and learning to breathe into the thoughts without acting the minute I wake up. Though I may act on one or more of them, I do so out of choice, not the automatic response to my “list” being too long.

Slowing down allows me presence and focus. My actions are more thoughtful, and my days are not simply productive, they are also more enjoyable. Where do you have room for more grace and ease in your life? I’m finding mine in the quiet spaces.