October 8, 2020 7:00 am Published by

When I reflect on all 2020 has offered, I am often surprised to find many incredible benefits as the challenges have been frequent, compounding and paralyzing at times.  

What I remind myself repeatedly however, is it’s the most challenging periods that offer the opportunity to grow, learn and emerge into the next best version of yourself, your work and your world if you choose to catalyze the problems into opportunities. 

It’s not easy to decondition yourself.  

It’s a balancing act of letting go coupled with being a beginner in whatever you’re learning, using your intuition coupled with hard facts and it always involves hard decisions. The kind of decisions that end certain habitual behaviors and pushing yourself into new, painful practices to be learned. 

The ego fights for sameness and the “way that it was” while something greater calls you to rise, let go, learn and proceed into the future possibilities. Are you willing to let go of what was?  

There will be moments of “free fall” into what’s next, like letting go of one trapeze and turning to trust the next trapeze will appear as you reach forward.  

It’s simple, not easy. Will you trust and do the work or stay fixed and wish, want or hope for something to happen?