November 21, 2022 5:13 am Published by

For some of us, when things aren’t going right, we react with emotion. This describes me. 

Over time, I’ve learned to wait before reacting, and at times that works. I’ve found people who react more logically do better with this method than I do. *(Waiting 24 hours before saying anything is often a good idea for most of us when it’s a more triggering event). 

What I’ve appreciated as I’ve learned to install my “pause button” over the years is that depending on the issue (how big the reaction feels), waiting doesn’t work if my thinking isn’t focused. 

Typically, I need to focus on releasing any negative thinking ASAP or my thoughts lead to a bigger reaction. As simple as this sounds, it was an epiphany when I realized my thoughts were either reinforcing or diminishing the feelings. 

Having a conversation most often allows me to purge the feelings, gain perspective, and find a reasonable solution for myself. This was powerful.  

When I realized I needed to be heard, not have others solve anything for me, journaling became a practice that instilled the same result.  

Said another way, when things aren’t going the way you want or the world isn’t showing up to meet your expectations (99% of the time), try this recipe: 

  1. Pause 

  1. Breathe 

  1. Have your tantrum on paper, look for patterns, what your requests are, and let it all go 

  1. Breathe 

  1. Resume kindness in all you say and do