May 11, 2020 7:00 am Published by

In a meeting this past week, one of my wise friends referenced the term “AFGO” offering a wonderful opportunity to laugh amidst the challenges of the week. 

AFGO, if you’re unfamiliar is an acronym for the phrase “Another Fucking Growth Opportunity” which describes how many of us are working with the abundance of challenges coming our way right now.  

As I reflect on my own journey since March 10, the roller coaster has offered the best and worst of humanity through social media and my own interactions. My responses have ranged from apathy to anger, resilience to resentment and everything in between. To describe the morphing of days, the hope for a new future, the grief and loss for what was, and the inspiration from selfless souls working to ensure we have a tomorrow, is overwhelming on any given day. It is tiring. It is easier to wish someone would rise to the challenge and let us get back to what was; but we’re never going back. The only one to rise to the challenge is you.  

What’s to come? No one knows.  

Whether it’s easy or not, the only way we’ll succeed is if we seize every challenge as an AFGO, and we find a way to enable it to unite us. The division between us is palpable and it’s not working.  

Can those of us willing to rise above our reactions dig deep enough to find a way to look beyond the dividing points and work together as one? This is the real FGO.