June 10, 2019 10:00 am Published by

Ferns Can’t Grow in the Desert #81

You wouldn’t think companies are similar to plants, but like a fern in the desert, not all people will thrive in your culture.

When you have an employee in your organization who is negatively impacting your company, it can be hard to face the reality they may need to leave.  Even if they’re in the “right seat” (that’s EOS jargon for those who are unfamiliar with EOS, learn more here) – meaning they do their job really well, but don’t fit our culture, they won’t be successful if they aren’t also an environmental (cultural) fit.

If they’re given the chance to improve and over time they don’t, you’ll need to let them go for the greater good of the company.

Letting an employee go can be a challenging decision, but you must do it if you’re serious about having a thriving company culture and ultimately maximizing your success.

The metaphor above stands: no matter how hard you try, a fern can’t grow in the desert. Neither the plant nor the environment is at fault, they simply aren’t supportive of the other’s growth and health. People are the same way – no amount of time, effort or money will change that. If a person isn’t a fit, you’re hurting both the employee and the culture by keeping them around.

It takes courage to put what’s best for everyone before retaining anyone. Think of it as “transplanting” your fern. Once you do, your culture will thrive as it retains its nutrients, and the fern will be free to thrive in the right habitat; both are better as a result.

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