December 30, 2022 5:08 am Published by

As I evaluate 2022 and contemplate 2023, I’m aware of the learning opportunities available to me. 

I love to learn and grow, and my drive to do so needs to be channeled effectively.  

Questions I’m considering as I pause in the in-between space of 2022 and 2023: 

  • What do I consider successes personally and professionally this past year? 

  • What am I most proud of? 
  • What have I learned this past year? 
  • What am I most excited about? 
  • What was most meaningful in 2022? 
  • What new actions / practices do I need to incorporate in 2023? 

  • What’s my focus/most important in 2023? 
  • What concerns do I have? 
  • What or who do I need to say “no” to or let go of? 
  • What would set me up for Intentional Greatness® as a leader, in my business, and in life? 

What questions are you considering?