October 28, 2022 6:13 am Published by

I knew we were dear friends, but this sealed the deal. 

Have you ever stopped by without planning to at a friend’s house? 

For me, this is the definition of dear friends. When you can stop over unannounced, knowing it may be a bad time or not work for whomever you’re seeing. 

Carla Anderson did this recently and it reminded me how much I love this kind of surprise. She had some information that we’d be home (she lives across town but didn’t tell us she was coming), brought treats (as she always does) and hung out with us on a lovely Sunday. It was the BEST kind of surprise. 

What did we do? We sat on our boat (that wasn’t running) and caught up. While attempts were made for our last boat ride of the season, the motor didn’t cooperate, and we still made the best of it. We talked and laughed, enjoying a beverage with hardly a care for the non-working motor. We came inside to watch the Vikings win and she departed. 

It was the most ordinary of things with the most extraordinary impact. 

Knowing you’re close enough with people to drop by “just because” is a gift. 

Who can you drop by with? 

Will you? 

Life is short.