April 5, 2021 5:05 am Published by

When you see something, or the absence of something, do you say something? 

If not, why not? 

As I participate in leadership teams daily, I observe people. It’s a skill worth mastering. Whether you do so on a screen or in person, people are communicating so much – SO much – whether they speak or not. 

It could be their facial gestures, eyes, body movements, interaction or tone.  

When you have something to say or won’t say something because it’s uncomfortable, you’re speaking. When you open your mouth, it either does or doesn’t align.  

When you communicate (or don’t) and it misaligns with your behaviors and gestures, it sends a contradictory message to those you’re with. And the kicker? Trust is eroding every time you misalign your words and body language. 

As a leader, if you are sitting mute when you could make a difference, impact the meeting, move people toward a more successful outcome, or interrupt an ineffective conversation, interaction or result, you are the problem.  

Nothing will change when you choose discontented silence instead of affecting change. 

The additional “reward” you receive for this participation? You’ll have more complaints than you can anticipate and will create a recurring experience of getting more of what you don’t want. 

Be the change.