March 26, 2024 5:25 am Published by

How are you leading?  

Many believe we need to be confident, positive, and directive as leaders, especially given the amount of change we continue to face in our world.  

It’s a good combination, until it’s not.  

Sometimes, you are uncertain too. It makes you human. Sometimes, you’re challenged and it’s hard. That doesn’t mean you’re not confident. In that moment, it means you’re human. Your vulnerability makes you accessible to each of us struggling with you. It also becomes a call to action, because when our leaders are real, we connect in a profound way.  

Authentic leadership means we lead with openness, honesty, and vulnerability. It requires rigorous truth-telling fueled by genuine emotional intelligence.  

Intentional leadership is a balance of creating clarity, evoking action, and exuding confidence with the full expression of your humanity.