June 28, 2022 5:35 am Published by

No more email! As I say on my autoresponder, it’s time to take my own medicine. 

It’s true. I’ve signed off and my team is monitoring my email messages daily. Gino Wickman inspired this transformation and it’s taken me about ten years to make the transition…not an early adopter on this one, but grateful to have made the trip. It started with a zero inbox on New Year’s Day in 2020. 

What’s inspiring is the number of favorable responses I’ve received for making the leap. Clients and friends have reached out from my autoresponder with interest, kind words and congratulations and it’s been incredibly encouraging. 

I’ve felt a range of emotions transitioning. While it’s liberating to take the time back, I also know it’s a retraining of thinking and behaviors to use that time intentionally.  

I’m enjoying the freedom, and appreciate it isn’t for everyone.  

So far, it’s liberating to lose one electronic leash.  

Consider this question: How can I gain time by subtraction?