January 21, 2021 8:00 am Published by

This week’s practice is the “stop doing list” according to the Whole Life Challenge. It’s one I appreciate and have used for years. And yet, this is a time to revisit it in the pursuit of consistently and incrementally improving.  

While they’re asking for three things to stop, I’ve also included a guideline for myself to add a “stop doing” for anything I add to my to do list at this time. I do this to make myself more thoughtful about what I continue to add as a person who has realized my identity is intertwined with accomplishment.  

As I work through this in the weeks to follow, these are the alternatives I’ll consider when adding a to do: 

  • Can this be delegated? 
  • Can this be automated? 
  • Can this be outsourced? 
  • Can I let this go? 
  • Am I the right person to do this? 
  • What’s the timeline given what’s on my list already? 
  • What are my priorities right now, will this distract from them?
  • Why do I want to do this anyway?
  • What am I giving up if I do this? 

If this is helpful, add your questions or what you’ll stop doing in the comments – I’d love to learn with you!