November 1, 2021 5:15 am Published by

Welcome to November, the month we’re dedicating the blog to appreciation, gratitude and spreading goodness. Join us, will you? Register here

We explained the details in blog #701, and it’s pretty simple – you can participate on your own or in our Facebook group if you’d like to stay inspired. Every day (M-F) will include a challenge to consider along the way. Read to the end of the blog and you’ll have the challenge of the day. 

Why? Because many of us are feeling tired, crabby, or somewhere between stressed and PTSD with the holidays quickly approaching. A normal year can often challenge the best of us, and this year, I think many need additional ways to renew, refresh and recharge. This is one way.  

If nothing else, I know I need it. My motivation is to up my GQ (Gratitude Quotient!) and finish this year with optimism and hope.  

Great leadership is forged in appreciation, and you simply can’t be grateful and irritable at the same time, so I’m stacking the odds in my favor. If you’re in with both feet, you can leave your daily commentary below or in our Facebook group with the hopes of inspiring others as well – our collective wisdom is needed, none of us have all the answers.  

It’s simple, easy and we’ll be better for it – and I believe the world will be as well! Oh, and if you miss a day, it’s okay. Every moment you spend in gratitude is worthwhile! 

Day 1:  Consider writing a text, card or email in appreciation of 3 (or more) people you’ve not connected with for some time. Your note can be as simple as “Thinking of you, beautiful friend” or “I’m grateful you’re in my life” or “I miss you” – don’t make it a novel, just a note to let them know. 

Thank you for playing along! Please comment below with any observations, we love to learn with you!