September 29, 2020 7:00 pm Published by

In speaking with leaders, there is a real concern about Winter’s arrival. 

For those in cold weather states, we are concerned about what this next phase of our pandemic brings as the options to connect with friends and family safely outside goes away. How will we endure it? For the various people who have different circumstances, how will we cope through the long winter months while working, home schooling, distancing and dealing with being “cooped up?” 

Since many of us deal with this annually, we have to learn to love winter or fully embrace connecting virtually for the coming months. 


  1. How will I fall in love with the winter months? 

  1. Are there new ways to upskill, learn something new, occupy my brain and time which also make meetings better on Zoom while being more engaging? 

  1. How do I incorporate more movement into my days? 

  1. How can I make my home “office” more appealing and useful? 

  1. What can I do to stand or move during time online? (monitor risers, treadmill platform under desk, laptop holder which attaches to your desk…) 

  1. What’s a new hobby or sport I can learn? Do I know anyone else who would do it with me? 

  1. How can I have at least one (or two) standing social meetings to stay connected (especially if you live alone)? 

  1. How can I expand my “pod” of safe people to visit? Consider quarantining and then connecting in person with people who share your perspective on safety. 

  1. If my job and life allow, can I travel somewhere warm and work from an alternate location for part of the winter?  

  1. How can I bring joy into my life every day?  

  1. What can I do to keep my attitude upbeat when things are challenging? 

  1. What lists could I build now of things to do, projects to tackle, interests, books to read, things to learn, fun to have, music to enjoy, online tours, events and games to try…